Healthy Me

Early childhood is a critical time for learning, and research shows that children's early educational experiences lay the foundation for their future development and achievement. The importance of early childhood education is not limited to the typical classroom subjects. Healthy habits like good nutrition and physical activity instilled in early childhood have the potential to last a lifetime.

St. Louis District Dairy Council has developed Healthy Me! early childhood educator’s guide for promoting nutrition and fitness among preschool and kindergarten students. If you are interested in receiving the Healthy Me! resource, at no charge, please contact St. Louis District Dairy Council at 314-835-9668 or at

In addition to Healthy Me!, we are offering Cooking with Coco: Recipes to teach children the importance of dairy in a healthy diet. This no-cost resource for early childhood teachers will include:

  • Kid-friendly recipes to make in the classroom
  • Laminated tasting chart
  • "I tried it" stickers

Request your free Coco cookbook here: